Councils & Committees

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council advises the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Council's function is to assist the Pastor in the prudent planning and administering of all parish financial matters and in setting of policy and procedure to provide effective management of parish assets. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Parish Finance Council must be directed by the values of the Gospel as well as by good business practice,

 Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a group of six to eight members from the parish who have been appointed by the Pastor. The essential purpose of the Pastoral Council is to diligently work with the pastor to enhance the quality of our parish life and pastoral activity. The Council works to make Divine Redeemer a truly One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Community of Faith.

Facilities Committee

The purpose of the committee is to maintain, repair, and improve the physical property of the church, school, parish office and rectory, to research and provide a 10 -year maintenance plan. This committee is advisory for the maintenance repair and improvement for the physical property of the church, school, parish office and rectory.

Parish Outreach Council

The mission of the Parish Outreach Council is to help parishioners recognize and respond to their Baptismal call to discipleship in helping those in most need in our communities.  Rooted in scripture and guided by Catholic Social Teaching, the Parish Outreach Council seeks to educate the parish and guide its response to social ministry needs.  The Parish Outreach Council provides the means by which individuals and the parish community can use their gifts to serve the poor and vulnerable and to work for social justice.

Stewardship Committee

The purpose of the committees is to advance the ministry of Christian Stewardship as a way of life, which is central to our Baptismal calling.  The committee strives to promote and encourage a sense of hospitality, spirituality and discipleship by providing education and resources to all parishioners of the Divine Redeemer Parish.

The D.R. Committee is normally represented by ten to twelve parishioners and are selected by the Pastor.  Members may serve on the committee for as long as her/she chooses.  Primarily, meetings are conducted every other month and last approximately one (1) hour.

Registration Table

A member of the Stewardship Committee will be present at  registration table after the all Masses to answer questions and greet new parishioners..

Vocations Committee

The purpose of the Vocations Committee is to foster awareness of and prayer for Religious Vocations, especially Vocations to the Priesthood, in our Divine Redeemer Parish community.  We bring attention to the need to pray for an increase in religious vocations, to encourage prayer for those in formation, especially our diocesan seminarians, and to foster prayer and support for those already ordained, especially those assigned to Divine Redeemer.  The Vocations Committee sponsors the annual Priesthood Sunday activities and also the Traveling Chalice for Vocations.