16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

For those of us who are doers, this week’s Gospel Reading provides both a point of identification and a point of challenge. Many of us can see ourselves in Martha. Like her, we get up each morning with a do-list a mile long that we developed during the night as we lay abed. In the busyness of our lives we can easily become overwhelmed with our day to day tasks, the events of the world and challenging events in our lives! We are always going to have that thing to do and think we can never get rest, but we are to rest in Christ!

 Last Sunday I was preaching about the importance of knowing that you are loved and this week it would be good to focus on concrete ways we can plan for prayer and listening to Christ. We can plan our Sundays as they are made for to rest in God!, get all the busy work done another time and truly rest with God and your family on Sunday. We can also discern what we really need on our day's off. Do I need to go on a hike, visit with a friend or a day of retreat with the Lord in prayer with the scriptures and a good Catholic book! We plan for things in life such as retirement and vacations what about time with God!