24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday we have a challenging Gospel, at this time the concept was that if a brother asks forgiveness three time you should grant it, but if he asks a fourth time you are not obliged to do so. So when Peter asks this question, his suggestion of forgiving someone seven times exceeded that of the religious expectations of his time. But Jesus totally knocks the props out from under this legal argument by indicating that forgiveness should be offered without limit. There is immense joy in being able to forgive and a wonderful liberation in being forgiven. Out of such experiences emerge new possibilities for growth and relationship, so that even the previous hurts and wounds open up new perspectives of the healing love of God. We hold that key for ourselves to forgive to release anger and resentment, this could be a great task to forgive. We are not saying that acts done to us are ok, we are saying I am willing to let the Mercy of Jesus in my heart by having the will to forgive a person because of the love of God and he calls us to love by praying for those who have hurt us. May we be as generous and Christ is generous to us!

Fr. Jason Keas