26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the second reading both an evidence of Obedience and an example. Jesus who came as Immanuel, God with us in the flesh, was faced with the humility of becoming human when he was divine, with taking on our sins when he was sinless, and with dying when he was eternal and immortal, yet he did not shy away from obediently doing the Father’s will. The Father in turn exalted Jesus, giving him a name and honor that are above all creation. He, the perfect example of obedience to his Father’s will, shows us the joy that comes from obedience. In the parable the man had two sons who each obeyed quite differently. The analogy is clear, we too are children who are faced with a decision regarding whether we will obey our heavenly Father in word only, or in the spirit of obedience. Are we being obedient to God?

Fr. Jason Keas