JAN 23 & 30 - Scouts of America BSA - Troop 27

Boy Scouts of America is one of the premier programs for effective character, citizenship, personal fitness, and outdoor training for our youth.  Beginning February 1st those opportunities will now be available to girls ages 11 through 17 years old as well.  In response to this, Troop 27 is organizing a separate troop for girls.  This girl troop will operate in conjunction with the boy troop and will afford our young women the same opportunities for leadership as the young men.

Troop 27 meets on Wednesday evenings in the DR school cafeteria.  We will be having two informational meetings, before our regular meetings, on January 23rd and 30th.  The informational will begin at 6pm and those interested may also stay for our regular meeting as guests.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a girl (or boy) between 11 and 18 who is interested in joining Scouting, please come with them to one of these meetings for additional information.  You may also contact Scoutmaster Zachary Taylor at 719-310-9518 or [email protected] for additional information.