Prayer Shawl Note from Marjie Weldele

Diane and Prayer Shawl Team,

 You have no idea how perfect the timing of this email is today as I was planning to send you something today.  Since I was never able to join you all in your ministry, some of you may not know who I am.  I was (and still am at heart) a member of DR and DR school for the past 15 years.  Due to a change of job for my husband, we moved to Huntsville, Alabama over Holy Week.  I pray what I have to share next touches your heart with the importance and grace that your prayer shawl ministry is to so many who are unknown to you.

 It is hard to ‘break in’ to a new parish community.  There is certainly none like DR anywhere.  But always there is at least that one person of the sort to make everyone feel welcome and adopted.  I have been blessed to meet her at Holy Spirit Parish.  Her name is Dolores (and as God would have it, she is the mother of the principal of the Catholic School).  I could easily be one of her children and she welcomed me as such with her warm heart.  I see her almost daily as be both attend daily Mass regularly.   On our first meeting, she gave me a novena to pray for my daughter and we bonded in her heartfelt prayers for her healing.  Though I am often rushing off to catch an exercise class right after Mass, we wave and smile and occasionally chat. Yesterday I found out through the prayer chain email that she was in a car accident.  She was broadsided on the drivers side door and was in the hospital and scheduled for surgery tomorrow.  She has a break in her [email protected] in the top of her spine.  Through the grace of God and her guardian angels, she has complete movement in all of her limbs.  Her biggest symptom of the break is a wowser of a headache.  Amazing.  As I left this morning, knowing I was going to stop by the hospital to visit her after Mass, I was prompted to go to the closet and take along the prayer shawl that was given to me when my mother-in-law was dying of a brain tumor….12 years ago.  When I went to visit her this morning and I explained the prayer shawl ministry to her and her son and daughter she was utterly amazed.  She just kept fingering the blanket and was near tears.  She only held back the tears because crying creates a number of problems with the neck injury.  I was able to stay with her for several hours and she told every visitor about the prayer shawl.  Some even commented on how beautiful it was before she could explain it.  She told them that the beauty wasn’t even the best part.  I told her that whether or not there were people with her or not, she was not alone.  She was covered in prayers and the blanket brought such peace because it had the ‘weight of prayers’ in it.  She just can’t get over the beauty of this ministry and said if they had it here she would be the first to join.  I wanted you to know how much you prayer shawl touched Dolores, her family and her numerous visitors.  It has been amazing to me to be able to share such a special gift of our faith community at DR with my new family here in Huntsvill.

 Dolores is a woman of daily prayer (get down on your knees prayer) and the depth that she has been touched is priceless.  Thank you for letting me share your love and faith with her.


Peace be with you,