Business Manager Needed @ St. Patrick Catholic Church

St. Patrick Catholic Church
6455 Brook Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 598-3595
Business Manager
Date the position will become vacant: Available Now
Summary of Job Duties:
Date Posted
Closing Date
The primary responsibility of the Business Manager is to coordinate and conduct the
business affairs of the parish in an ethical, efficient and organized manner. The
Business Manager is expected to maintain a high standard of integrity and
stewardship in the use of parish resources - financial, human, and physical -
understanding that resources are given from the sacrifices of parishioners and are to
be used in the service of the parish. The primary responsibility of the Business
Manager is to ensure that financial records of the parish are accurate, transparent,
and prepared in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations and that all

reports (e.g. to the IRS, ACA, State of Colorado, Diocese of Colorado Springs, and the
parish) are submitted in a timely manner. The Business Manager is the staff
representative to parish Finance Council and various committees; works in
consultation and conjunction with the council and committees to effect the
implementation of established parish objectives, policies and programs. In addition,
the Business Manager assists in and oversees the daily management of parish
finances, contractual arrangements and human resource activities and actions. The
Business Manager is charged with processing incoming and outgoing personnel,
maintenance of personnel folders maintained in the Pastor's office and Accounting
Office and providing advice and counsel to the Pastor on sensitive personnel issues.
Business Manager is accountable to the Pastor or his designated representative of St.
Patrick parish.
Minimum qualifications:
Education: Undergraduate Degree in Accounting or Business Administration with
emphasis in accounting required; Masters of Business Adminstration (MBA) highly desirable.
Experience: 3-5 years of related experience in directing administrative and financial
matters in a parish. Experience with ParishSoft Accounting computer application a plus. Roman
Catholic in good standing and a registered member of a parish preferred. Willingness to work a
flexible, demanding schedule.
Minimum of the salary range:$ 51,000-$ 54,300 (DOE)
Additional Information: Contact the office for an application and/or copy of Job Description
To be filed in Confidential Personnel File of successful candidate.