Project Rachel

ABORTION HEALING SESSIONS BEGIN THIS FALL Project Rachel, the post-abortion healing ministry for our diocese, will begin a healing group within the next few weeks. Our start date and meeting times will be determined by the availability of the participants. We will meet for 8-10 weeks, one evening each week. A Project Rachel team made up of a licensed counselor, a priest or deacon and a healed, post abortive facilitator will lead the groups. All groups are held in strict confidence.  Please consider sharing this healing opportunity with anyone you feel could benefit. You can contact one of the following team members for more information, or share the contact info with others.

Deacon Dave Ross   719 321-7258
Rhonda Miller   719 649-6198
Nancy Gonzalez   719 660-4375
Project Rachel Helpline for our diocese:  719 866-6544