Abortion In Young Women And Subsequent Mental Health

Abortion In Young Women And Subsequent Mental Health

 Most debates on abortion have centered around ethical, religious and other issues concerning the rights of the unborn child in circumstances of an "unplanned pregnancy."                                

However, a recent study in New Zealand focused on the mental health of young women following an abortion. 

The study concluded, "Those having an abortion have elevated rates of subsequent mental health problems including depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors and substance use disorders" (Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry). 

Advocates of abortion do not like (and invariably ignore) empirical evidence like this. It is not consistent with their rhetoric which often trivializes the expectant mother's life and death decision. 

Once again, science supports the pro-life position, including the fact that abortion harms women. The serious mental health implications of abortion is biological fact---not religious dogma! 

By Pro-Life Articles Author   www.pro-lifearticles.org