Fetus or Child?

Fetus or Child?

 The photo of the small dead "fetus" within a murdered mother, published by an Italian newspaper has made quite an impression in that country. It is usually not politically correct to publish such a photo, but the impact has been significant simply because the reality of abortion was clearly shown: that a so-called fetus is nothing other than a child that has not yet enjoyed the exterior air.

 Whoever has studied anatomy and biology, whoever is an expert in human physiology; know very well that there is no material difference between the fetus and the newborn.

 Therefore, why on earth is it heinous to kill a newborn but not to kill a fetus? Unless one believes that the filling of the lungs with air has a "magic" effect, capable of transforming the DNA or the individual's conscience!

 It is noteworthy that a child who is aborted is referred to as a fetus, but children that come forth prematurely from the maternal womb are called "premature children".

 Even more disturbing, it appears that the line between late abortion and active euthanasia is becoming increasingly blurred. For example, The British Royal College of Obstetricians recently asked that doctors be allowed to let seriously disabled newborns die.

 We need to pray for all abortionists, but also some doctors who might be tempted to consider their patients as "non-persons" and might become arbitrary executioners of a death sentence, rather than protectors of life.