Let’s Face the Facts and Tell the Truth about Abortion (Part I)

"Don't look for applause, but look to obey the truth. Speaking just to find applause or to tell people what they want to hear .... is like prostitution". - Pope Benedict XVI

 The truth about abortion is repugnant and abhorrent. It is therefore not easy and requires courage to speak out about abortion. However, as Catholics,

 We must boldly speak the truth and contradict the untruths and misleading rhetoric which surrounds the issue.

 Some of the myths are discussed below:

 * ''The government should not interfere with someone's personal choice.” This is neither practical" desirable or correct. If there is only one legitimate function of government, it is the protection of innocent human life and to prevent one individual victimizing another. The word "choice" might sound good, but the reality is that some "choices" are crimes and all crimes are "choices".

 * Abortion advocates try to use smokescreen language to conceal the truth about abortion. A good example is the term "women's reproductive rights". The biological reality is that when a woman is pregnant, reproduction has already occurred. If that were not true, there would be nothing for the abortionist to abort.

 * Another deliberately misleading term is "woman's access to healthcare". Healthcare relates to the treatment of diseases, injuries or illnesses. Since pregnancy is none of these, abortion is definitely not "healthcare".

 * We are told that we should not tell a woman when to have a child. Abortion is not about children who might come into the world, but it is about children who are already in the world, living and growing~ in the mother's womb. When a woman is pregnant she already has the child. The only thing to be decided is whether she will have a live or a dead baby.

 * We are also told that we should not interfere with a woman's "relationship" with her doctor. The fact is that in the vast majority of abortions, the expectant mother meets the abortionist for the first time about five minutes before the abortion. There is no relationship!