Let’s Face the Facts and Tell the Truth about Abortion (Part II)

* Abortion is not about "a woman making a decision about her own body". The child in the mother's womb is a separate, human being with its own heartbeat, DNA, blood type and finger prints.  About 50% of the time; the child is not even the same gender!

 * The vast majority of abortions are done as a form of birth control because the baby is "inconvenient", "too expensive" or a "burden", Very few abortions have anything to do with the health of the mother and less than 1 % is performed as a result of rape or incest

 * "Leave it up to the woman to decide" totally destroys equality before the law, because it constitutes a complete removal of protection from the child, who is considered a "non-person". It also ignores the coercion women frequently confront from boyfriends and abusive husbands.

 * We are told that we should not impose our "beliefs" on others. Laws are not passed to control thought, but to control behavior. Pro-lifers do not particularly care what people think about babies, as long as they do not kill them.

 * Abortion has two victims---the baby and the mother. Many women who have abortions suffer both physically and mentally. Depression, anxiety, infection, sterility and even death are not uncommon. The incidence of breast cancer also increases significantly in women who have had an abortion.

 * Planned Parenthood (PP) tries to create the illusion that it is a respectable organization that serves the noble purpose of reducing pregnancies by "sex education". The fact is that PP earns its millions by performing abortions and aggressively promotes dangerous sexual activity among teens. It is also a fact that children who engage in sexual activity are far more likely to engage in other high risk behavior, such as alcohol and drugs.