The Family: The Sanctuary of Life

The Family: The Sanctuary of Life.

 The family is the “Sanctuary of Life” and the basic and vital cell of society. The Holy Family, of course, is unique. One member is God, another is sinless, and the third is a saint.

 But the great lesson of today is that although God could have come into the world in any way he pleased, he chose to become a member of a family, obedient to his earthly parents, and yet totally devoted to the Heavenly Father’s will, as we all must be.

 He also shared the vulnerability that comes with being a member of a human family. “Herod is going to search for the child in order to destroy him.” St. Joseph here plays the unbelievable role of protecting God. His readiness to do so speaks to every father about the role of protector, and to our whole society about the need we have for good and faithful fathers. The culture of life depends just as much on fathers making the right choices as on mothers doing so.

 Strong families are an integral aspect of the Culture of Life. It is precisely the breakdown of family structure that increases the temptation to abort, or to resort to euthanasia or a lack of proper care for the elderly.