DMA 2022

Rejoice! He is risen! Jesus Christ has conquered all brokenness, sin, and death!

It’s not clear, though, that the disciples fully knew this when they first arrived at the empty tomb. What a bewildering sight to not find Christ’s body there. What did it all mean? As the Gospel says, “They did not yet understand the Scripture that [Jesus] had to rise from the dead.

We have 2000 years’ worth of theological reflection to draw upon---but do we fully understand the significance of the Resurrection in our own lives? Does it make a difference in how we live, or is it just a nice religious fact?

The Easter season is all about celebrating Christ’s victory over death, and allowing it to shape our outlook and life. In light of the Easter, we can live with joy and with confidence that God has won the final battle. We can love without holding back, serve without counting the cost, and give with a spirit of true generosity—because we know what an incredible gift we’ve already received.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate this Easter season, please consider contributing to our Diocesan Ministry Appeal. Not only is it a great way to allow the joy and generosity of the Easter to shape you, but you’ll also be supporting your local Church as we share the Good News with those around us.

Please check out our Divine Redeemer Parish Bulletin for an update on our pledges. We are looking for 100% participation from our community, any amount is much welcomed and appreciated.