Rodgers  Demo

Our DR community may have seen the demolition of Rodger's Place in March 2022. The long standing modular that was located on the West side of the All Saints Center building came down during the tail end of Spring Break. The modular has been on the property for over 20 years and served in many capacities including the Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, school Art classroom and so much more. The modular was installed as a temporary building and was well past its life expectancy.  In more recent years, the building served as storage but was fast becoming a safety hazard. 

D2 Demo handled the demolition, utilities and removal with expertise and ease. The actual time to bring Rodger's Place down was less than 45 minutes. By Saturday morning, there was no trace left of the building. On Monday morning school resumed and staff was back in the office.

We are currently gathering and reviewing landscaping bids to transform the space into a beautiful area. We have received so many wonderful ideas to elevate the praise and worship of Jesus Christ in this space. We can't wait to get started on this next phase of this capital improvement project.

The funding for the demolition was paid in part by the RGG Parish Grant from the Diocese of Colorado Springs.