Our DR community came back together after two years of not holding our annual Seder Meal on Wednesday, April 13th. The last time we were together  was in 2019 to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ via the Seder meal. This celebration begins by recalling Christ and his Apostles at the Last Supper, which was a Passover meal. The Catholic faith teaches of the Seder meal providing an understanding of the practices of Jesus Christ and an appreciation of the roots of our Christian faith.

We celebrated with 100 of our parish and school families with a delicious meal of lamb, mash potatoes and green beans. We greatly appreciation all of our volunteers that help planned this event, cook and serve the meal and setup/tear down. #DRCommunityStrong

Organizers: Teresa Vieira and Trish Faber

Volunteers for the Seder Meal

Natalie Schwab,  Rachel Muller,  Rose and Fred Chavez,  Gordan Heineger,  Sue Harmon,  Yvette Briggs,  Cathy Blodis,  Sonia Azzopardi,  Shirley Plush,  Darline Schmidt,  Joanne Lawyer,  Rose Webb,  Naty Williams

Youth Volunteers:

Jaxon Beam, Williams’ Girls, Godec, BSA Troop 1027 Girls, 8th Grade Class at DR, Youth Readers

 From Parish:

Deacon Dave,  Deacon Rob, Deanna Cooper,  Daniel Foster & Choir,  Ruth Henley,  Tom Faber